Maintenance, alteration, maintenance or repair work on buildings involving procedures that may impair the evacuation of occupants (such as scaffolding) should be carried out during off-peak periods.

Where this is not possible, alternative evacuation means should be implemented in advance to provide adequate escape means if necessary.

In the case of works involving the use of substances, materials and equipment or processes presenting a risk of fire or explosion – in particular the production of naked flame, spark or incandescent elements in contact with air, associated with the presence of materials. Highly flammable – express permission is required from the safety officer of the building and the intervention area must be properly isolated and provided with appropriate additional means of intervention and assistance for the risk involved.

This authorization shall provide and record information on:

The places where the work is intended to be performed;
The nature of the operations envisaged and the means to be used for their implementation;
The start date and duration of the work;
Possible compensatory or additional security means to be implemented;
Possible adjustments to prevention procedures.

The safety officer should take care of these measures in the project design, with the advice of a qualified technician.