Franchising with Grupo Ria!

Develop a profitable activity with low investment.

Grupo Ria Agency

Accepting to be a Grupo Ria franchisee is to develop a profitable activity with low investment. Our Group makes available to franchisees a set of tools that allow the development of a business with a previously defined area of intervention. Grupo Ria offers several solutions for the management of condominiums. Our Group guarantees the business in a “turnkey” format and provides initial training and all technical support throughout the franchisee’s journey. The space where the business will be developed must be at least 30 m2.

Profile and requirements for being a franchisee of Grupo Ria

The franchisee must have financial capacity, with equity and financing to be able to apply. It must be dynamic, with commercial appetite and dedicate itself exclusively to the business. The success of the business is primarily in the capacity of the franchisee who will have all the experience and support of Grupo Ria.

Grupo Ria Academy

Our Group is serious about initial and continuing training. The secret of this business is the good use of management tools, the interpretation of the law that covers horizontal property, the conduct of meetings and the resolution of daily problems. We invest in training to offer a service of Excellence. The Grupo Ria Academy will provide throughout the year a training plan that meets the needs of franchisees.

Get to know us better

The Ria Group currently has two branches in Olhão in Vila Real de Santo António. Ria Group’s constitution is based on three values: transparencyseriousness and professionalism.

We ensure that our resources are maximised to ensure that your condo problems are resolved most effectively by delineating a cordial relationship with the owners.

We strive to ensure that all your adversities are easily circumvented, always giving decent treatment according to the magnitude of the problem imposed, thus guaranteeing total seriousness.

We are members of APEGAC – Portuguese Association of Condominium Management and Administration Companies, which guarantees, through its Code of Ethics, the best practices and compliance with the principles of ethics and transparency.

Our agencies

Grupo Ria currently has two branches in Olhão and in Vila Real de Santo António. Visit us and learn about our condominium management solutions.

Our team

Our team consists of employees who consider excellence, transparency, seriousness and professionalism are fundamental success factors.

Develop a profitable activity!

Discover the advantages of being a Grupo Ria franchisee. Get in touch for more information!

Contact us

If you want to be a franchisee of Grupo Ria, please contact us using the contact form available or ask for more information.




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