The main objective of Grupo Ria is, therefore, to expand its brand during the current year.

Grupo Ria, which currently manages about 200 condominiums and more than 2,000 owners, between the municipalities of Loulé and Vila Real de Santo António, plans to franchise the brand in 2020.

Álvaro Viegas, administrator of Grupo Ria, explained to POSTAL that “the Olhão Agency was born six years ago and has been growing gradually. Vila Real de Santo António has existed for 13 years, although it only acquired it in 2018 ”.

“I put a very strong focus on what I consider essential in this activity, to gain trust between the tenants and the administration, namely with regard to access to information”, he says.

Álvaro Viegas stressed that “Grupo Ria is one of the few structures in the management of condominiums that has an application where it is possible for apartment owners to access all the documentation of the condominium, at a click distance, through the installation of an application called“ Grupo Ria Online ”.

“Customers can access their bank account, all invoices, minutes and monitor budget execution throughout the year, in addition to a record of occurrences. Basically, they can closely monitor the entire management ”, he added.

Álvaro Viegas is peremptory: “the big news we have for this year is to franchise our business”.

“Last year we delivered the entire process to a specialist office and we are practically completing an entire process that will allow us to replicate the Grupo Ria brand first in the Algarve and then in the rest of the country,” he explains.

The administrator of Grupo Ria has no doubt that all the conditions are met to take this step. “We have structure, know-how, customers and some tools that many companies in the Algarve do not have, which will allow us to move forward”, he defends.

“The ideal situation would be that we could franchise our Agency in Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António first because they are structures that are already functioning and that already have clients. The two branches between Vila Real de Santo António and Olhão share about 200 condominiums with each other and, therefore, someone who accepts this challenge of being our franchisee by taking on any of these branches, already takes on a structure that is already billing, therefore, it is much easier ”, explains Álvaro Viegas.

The official says that “in the area of ​​condominium management there is a very strong component linked to the legal area, which comes from its basic training in law”.

Thus, Grupo Ria provides its customers with three distinct solutions. “We have the Service Plan Light, which is the most economical and has basic services (administration, maintenance, cleaning), where the condominium also has all the legal support, which is already included in the quota that the owner himself pays”, he highlights.

Then, “there is a Service Plan Plus, which is a solution with the same services, but with a broader legal component, that is, it is not limited to legal support for the condominium, but it can go beyond this support”, he reinforces.

Finally, there is the Service Plan Excellent “which is the top solution, which includes all that we have said here, plus the offer of a filling insurance for each fraction, up to a capital of 10,000 euros”.

Álvaro Viegas confessed to Postal that he “would very much like to enter the Tavira market”.

The Tavira market is interesting and the municipality has seen a very large growth in the area of ​​civil construction and in the real estate industry, so it is one of the municipalities where we want to bet,” he explains.

For those interested in franchising, the process is very simple: the person must have a minimum space of 30 square meters, which allows him to start with this project.

“We already have a presentation booklet for our franchising. The project is designed turnkey, that is, we assemble and install the entire area and supply the furniture, computer equipment, management program, as well as the interior and exterior decoration. All procedures are filed, ”he reinforces.

The main objective of Grupo Ria is, therefore, to expand its brand during the current year.

Source: Postal do Algarve.