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Condominium Cleaning

The entrance and public areas of your building is your image for those who enter. Starting with a weekly general cleaning we adapt to the specific and / or seasonal needs of your condo. The cleaning of common or private spaces increasingly demands fast and disciplined services in order to keep any space sanitized and disinfected against odors and impurities accumulated daily in the daily life of the building. Cleaning is carried out with all appropriate materials, following its technical data sheet, as well as ensuring that they are regulated products for this purpose complying with all legal health and health regulations, namely the use of anti-allergic and non-abrasive products so as not to wear surfaces and leave excessively strong debris or odors. In the condominium will be posted a service form, which can be checked the details related to cleaning and maintenance.

Grupo Ria provides you with all the conditions and solutions so that you can rest easy in relation to your condominium.

We have three management solutions that meet your needs. Find out which management plan is best for your condominium administration with multiple benefits and advantages for you.

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