Get to know our condo maintenance and repair services.

Condominium Maintenance and Repair

We give great importance to preventive maintenance, thus anticipating future problems. Our technician visits weekly or fortnightly all condominiums and if necessary immediately resolves the occurrences. Through our condominium management platform owners can record any occurrence that will be received by our technician who will act immediately and report it to the owner. This will be responsible for:

  • Lamp replacement;
  • Change of circuit breakers;
  • Change of stairway automatics;
  • Renovation of emergency lights;
  • Replacement of switches;
  • Repair of doors or replacement of common door locks;
  • Adjustment of door trim springs;
  • Hinge lubrication;
  • Glass replacement;

Grupo Ria provides you with all the conditions and solutions so that you can rest easy in relation to your condominium.

We have three management solutions that meet your needs. Find out which management plan is best for your condominium administration with multiple benefits and advantages for you.

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